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  • Practical Neuroscience of Leadership Facilitator Certification 03/22/2013


Partial List of Clients

  • Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition
  • Bausch & Lomb Surgical
  • Butler Schein Animal Health
  • Cargill
  • Cenex Harvest States
  • Economic Development Board of Singapore
  • Illinois Corn
  • Monsanto Company
  • Merial, Ltd.
  • NASA
  • Nestle Purina PetCare
  • Ohio Corn & Grain
  • Renessen
  • Rosen
  • University of Wyoming

What IPS Clients Say

Satisfied clients from around the world speak up about what IPS has done for them.

“In the 1990's, we created an extraordinary business, because we built an extraordinary culture with extraordinary people. Commercializing the first biotech product in production animal agriculture had massive challenges, but we were successful in business performance and had a positive impact on an industry, its people and its future. This could not have happened without building a successful organizational culture. We built a flat, team-based sales organization with coaches, as opposed to managers, who achieved business success by focusing on excellent teamwork and developing each individual to maximize his or her potential. Bonuses were paid on team performance and base pay increases depended on the individual’s ability to develop. Individuals that could not operate in this highly team-based environment quickly self-selected out. We were in a very tough environment and the quality of the people, their knowledge and their skills was absolutely essential for the success of the business and its customers. Many people made major contributions to the success, and one person who played a behind the scenes role as organizational architect was Monty. In the early years, he led all of the new employee training and, as the organization matured, helped create a novel management structure of teams and coaches, creating a unique commercial organization. Heavy emphasis was placed on product, client, dairy and industry knowledge, as the product was sold directly to dairy producers, and significant emphasis was placed on skill building including influencing, teamwork, leadership, relationships and communications. He worked with the coaches to develop and initiate the training and development that built the commercial organization. In addition to product knowledge, this included influencing, teamwork, leadership, relationships and communication skills. We built an amazing continuous learning teamwork organization. Monty spent 11 years consulting with our organization and left a positive footprint for the people and the industry. We wish we could do it again!.”

Cheryl Morley
Formerly President, Monsanto Dairy


 “On the basis of a multi-year global engagement, I experienced a great relationship with International Performance Solutions. Monty facilitated the transformation of the Asia-Pacific region sales team, displaying expert competencies in visioning, leadership coaching, client driven solutioning, strategic thinking, facilitation, and executive alignment. Furthermore, Monty demonstrated integrity, ethics and pragmatism of the highest calibre, developing a trust that is rarely afforded to external consultants. Monty continues to be held in the highest regard for the sustained change and growth embedded during this partnership, and I look forward to further opportunities of working with International Performance Solutions.”

Adam Ralph
Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Global Business Services
Formerly Asia-Pacific Sales and Competency Training Manager, Monsanto


 “IPS began supporting our business, in particular the Inside Sales team, during the integration phase of a recent merger. There were two organizations merging and within the two entities were artifacts of prior mergers, so in essence, we were merging multiple cultures in some locations. One inside sales team was severely challenged with people who were competitors and in some cases former peers being united into one facility. Needless to say, there was a great deal of turmoil and, in some cases, open hostility.

Monty recommended and ultimately applied a variety of organizational development methods that quickly helped members appreciate each other’s past achievements and collectively envision a new culture and identity. From there, the team developed a plan to go forward, and in one year, they became the highest performance center in the organization.

We continued to work with Monty in developing the Inside Sales Leadership team. We then launched the Practical Neuroscience of Leadership with three BSAH facilitators and Monty in all Inside Sales centers to provide every member with a new understanding of leadership, in order to enhance personal and organizational success. With the merger behind us, the organization is excelling, due in part to organizational development work provided by BSAH trained employees, Monty and his organization.”

Leslie Boesch
Director Inside Sales, BSAH


 “We utilized Monty's facilitation and training services in three different events this past year. Two events were associated with Advisory Panels (customers and key influencers) and the third was at our National Meeting. We were exceptionally pleased with the work Monty did at all three events. Based on the quality of outputs from those meeting, we are creating numerous initiatives on which to act. Monty works in a very collaborative style. Monty is skilled at keeping the audience engaged and participatory. For our National Meeting, Monty brought concepts from the Advisory Panels into our annual gathering to enhance our field staff's competencies to be better influencers of clients. His approach of enhancing our understanding of the Practical Neuroscience of Leadership will help our team assure we are working to align our messaging and communications to ensure sensory and cognitive alignment.”

Scott Druker
Director, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition


“Monsanto St. Louis challenged the local India team to grow the India business rapidly to be able to make it among the top 10 in less than 10 years. This could not have been done without a clear focus on people imperatives - the Monsanto India Leadership team decided to own up the strategy and drive this aggressive growth. In our journey, we were lucky to have some great partners along the way to help us with this challenging objective. You, Monty, were a key enabler in this fabulous journey of building the India organisation. Some of the things you helped us with were:

Created a development plan for Monsanto India people, with focus on Roundup, and help them begin the transition from chemistry to seed and traits. With the help of Doug Breckenridge build product knowledge training programs: Roundup, Roundup Ready Cotton, etc. Taught people selling skills and created trainers to deliver the selling skills training. Worked on helping the organization be more team based and working in an organization that was going to be flatter than most Indian organization -- there were issues associated with status and sense of progression. You sensed the work was transformational for many as it put more responsibilities lower in the organizations. So with Managers on how to be more collaborative and less tops down. Your doctoral research was the creation of the Alliance between Monsanto India and Mahyco, which encompassed the use of Appreciative Inquiry with Monsanto India Leadership/Researchers (US) and Mahyco Leadership/Researchers coming together to create a strategic plan to support the development of the Alliance.

I am glad to say that thanks to our overall strategy for people and organisation and its implementation, of which your contribution is key, Monsanto India today is among the most important markets in the world and continues to grow from strength to strength thanks to some superlative foundational work done in the late nineties!”

Ernest Louis
Vice President Human Resources, Asian Paints
Formerly Director of Human Resources, Monsanto India


“I have worked with Monty for over seven years, and have found in him a great resource on almost all areas of Organization Development. Monty brings a very high degree of objectivity and ethics in his work and I’ve learned a lot from him. His passion, energy, results orientation combined with a genuine care of people makes him extremely effective in all that he does. We’ve worked together in Asia and the U.S. and I’ve seen excellent cross-cultural skills at work. Monty has been a coach and a terrific one at that!”

Raj Ambekar
Global Head of HR - Corporate Functions, Maersk Line
Formerly Human Resources, Asia Pacific Monsanto


“I would just like to say that the training we completed today has been the highlight of my training career here at Merial. You have given me some wind in my sail to steer me in the right direction with my new sales career. I felt I was missing something with my on the job experience thus far, and the skills you have given me filled the gap. I thank you for your time, knowledge and support.”

Wayne Kerr
Merial, Ltd.


“I have had very good responses back from the field re: the Presentation Skills program we did. One rep speaks to me about it often…I think the highlight for them was the notion put forward to be ‘kinesthetic.’ All have tried to put some kind of demonstration into presentations. I believe they learned how much they personally like to learn this way and were surprised to find that most others are the same. Several of the reps have told me that this is the most useful training they have had.”

Richard Little
Merial Canada


"…Monty did a great job setting the right atmosphere for the brainstorming sessions. This was one of the most productive brainstorming sessions I’ve participated in. The atmosphere was relaxed, non-threatening and fun!”

Dr. Gail Czarnecki-Mauldin
Nestle Purina PetCare


“I have worked with Monty Miller for nearly 12 years. Through the years I participated in various sessions that Monty led including Socratic Selling, Appreciative Inquiry, Leadership 101, and Start Coaching Right. As my Personal Coach, Monty’s coaching consisted of monthly phone calls and in-person meetings when needed…I have found Monty to be an outstanding resource for learning, training, and developing. He possesses a keen awareness of personal and organizational behavior so he can be utilized by individuals and groups. Monty’s other strengths include strategic thinking, meeting facilitation, and team collaboration. Most of all, Monty listens and gathers input very well, then creates unique solutions.”

Andy Covington
Arm & Hammer
Formerly Monsanto Dairy



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