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BRAIN MODE® power Web Assessment

Announcing a powerful new tool to help build your high performance organization!
The powerful suite of materials used successfully by IPS for years, now includes an online self-assessment.  This web version opens up a wealth of new application possibilities with benefits like convenience, comprehensive customized reports and data accumulation.

Why does Monty Miller of IPS get excited about BRAIN MODE® power?

“Simple, I have seen it change the methods participants use to communicate with peers, clients, employees and leaders. Participants very quickly grasp the concepts and begin to apply them. Plus, it makes their interactions more fun, by leveraging their creativity to get people more physically involved.”

What is BRAIN MODE® power?
A learning system based on the scientific principles of accelerated learning and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The research basis for the system has been documented for over 35 years. Self awareness and self mastery of sensory and cognitive thinking modes is the system’s foundation.

How has International Performance Solutions, Ltd.
used BRAIN MODE® power?

As a licensed distributor of the system, IPS has used BRAIN MODE® power products with clients around the globe. BRAIN MODE® power has been integrated into a wide variety of IPS applications, enabling people to better present, influence, sell and exchange information by aligning their delivery with the learning and thinking styles of recipients.

Clients using materials:

  • An Agricultural Management Group
  • A Global Pet Nutrition Company
  • A Global Biotechnology Organization
  • A Large Animal Productivity Organization
  • A US Crop Protection Distributor
  • A US and Canada Veterinary Pharmaceutical
  • US and State Commodities Associations

What programs are available?

  • Professional Development
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Success
  • Career Transition

Application Highlights

  1. Selling, Presenting and Influencing - When sales presentations are aligned with buyers’ learning and thinking styles, buyers have greater information retention and understanding. Sales Success helps sellers and influencers: detect, align and present.  The Sales Success program increases sales.
  2. Group Dynamics - These materials help groups and teams perform at higher levels, by improving communication and decreasing conflict and frustration.  Using BMp helps build more creative and durable plans resulting in more highly functional organizations. BRAIN MODE® power helps drive results.
  3. Trainer and Facilitator Preparations - BMp self-assessment online provides trainers and facilitators valuable insight into the learning and thinking styles of participants.  As a result, participants learn more, have more fun and leave more energized and confident. Session leaders get more positive feedback and results.

Click here for a detailed fact sheet with examples of successful IPS applications of this system

Click Here to Experience Your Own Complimentary Online Assessment
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 To find out how BRAIN MODE® power can be utilized in your high performance organization, email Monty today or call 970-577-0287 for additional information.

International Performance Solutions, Ltd. generally assesses a client’s organizational development objectives and tailors the BMp content from The Hadron Group to meet organizational needs.  BRAIN MODE® power is a registered trademark of THE HADRON GROUP, INC.  To learn more about BRAIN MODE® power products and the people who created them, visit The Hadron Group online at http://www.brainmodepower.com



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